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Problems to withdraw

Started by gavi 2022-05-28 at 04:24
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Hello, dear staff!!

I am so sorry for bothering you, but i'm having problems to get paid. Look, i tried to withdraw my payment, but it wasn't possible and i don't understand why. I took some screenshots to show you, but here it's not posssible to upload them. Would you please help me out?

Thank you so much for your attention.


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Dear Susie,

I've already answered your ticket.

You want a payout on Airtm, and you don't have an Airtm account at all.

How did you think I would send you money to a non-existent account?
Welcome to RetroBux!!
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Hello, dear Admin!

First of all, let me say i am so sorry for taking so long to reply your... reply, hahahha, but let me tell you i am disabled (handicapped) and i'm having pretty serious health issues which make me go to hospital several times; that's why i ctually haven't come a long while.

Well, after having said that, let me explain myself about the issues i'm having here. I guessed you had already replied my ticket support before reply me here, but as soon as i created i wasn't able to check the support ticket. I don't know why. For example, you know that when we create a support ticket, you or the system send us an email in which the number of the support ticket is given to us and then when you admins reply to a ticket, we inmediately receive the email to let us know, but i never received any email. So that's the big why i had to ask for help again here.

Now, about the main problem for which i started to ask for help, i'm going to write to you in a direct message, of course, not asking first you excuse me the cheek to write you.

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