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Welcome to RetroBux !

Started by Admin 2018-05-31 at 06:56
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Hello dear members!

Welcome to RetroBux, a new project by the CroMedia group!

After long thinking and planning we have made the decision to open a new project.
Retrobux is different from all of our old sites.

First of all, RetoroBux is not a project for big investors.
This is a project where members earn without a deposit.

RetroBux is the original PTC project. This is how the PTC sites looked at the beginning, 15 or 20 years ago. You know that some of these old, original projects are still working successfully. The last few years have appeared PTC sites with some additions (like our old sites) such as rented referrals or rev shares, and we think it's good to get back to the original.

All members have the same position here. At RetroBux you can not buy membership. All members have the same membership. You can not rent referrals here. If you make a deposit, you can buy only ads credits. You can not expect fast earnings here. But you can expect long-term, secure earnings.

What kind of profit do we offer to our members?

All our members can have an unlimited amount of direct referrals.
We guarantee 4 PTC advertisements every day. All other advertisements should be purchased from members.

You will get 100% click value from your own clicks.
You will get 50% click value from the clicks of your referrals clicks on standard and micro ads.

Offerwalls are good ways to make money.
Also, you'll get part of the profits that your referrals made in our offerwalls.

Your earnings from referrals in offerwalls is 5% - 15% :

5% from - minutestaff, ptcwall, plewall
10% from - clixwall, offers4all,
15% from - offertoro, offerdeaddy, kiwiwall, superrewards

Please note that we will add MinuteStaff in a few days. We have to wait for them to approve our new site.

Payment processors are the same as in our old sites. Also, we have to wait for Payeer to approve our site. It may take a few days.

If you have some suggestions, please feel free open support ticket or start a discussion in the forum.

Once again, Welcome to RetroBux, old school PTC site!

Happy earnings!
Your admins
Welcome to RetroBux!!
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Congrats for your new site,Dear Admin.
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Fast PaymentsTrust Admin
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Congrats for your great site!
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Congrats for your great site!
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congrats for your new site
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thank you admin...i'm always support your sites!
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where is upgrade membership and RR?

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